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Weather Policy

At Poopie Scoopies, we care about your safety and ours. That’s why we have a weather policy that applies to inclement weather conditions, such as sleet, heavy rain, heavy fog, snow, or any other weather that could put us in danger behind the wheel.

If we are unable to scoop your yard due to bad weather, we will notify you via text and email as soon as possible. Depending on the circumstances, we will issue a weather credit of 25% of the service fee, which will be applied to your next bill. For example, if you have one dog and have a scoop once a week for $16, you will get a $4 credit for the missed service.

Weather Hindrance

Weather can also affect the quality of our scooping service. If there is a heavy rain, that means the poop is soft and we can only pick up what we can. Snow covers the poop, which means we can only scoop the fresh poop that is visible. We appreciate your understanding and patience in these situations.

We hope this page clarifies our weather policy and hindrance. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for choosing Poopie Scoopies, the best pet waste removal service in Martinsburg, West Virginia.