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Honesty Matters: Accurate Estimates for a Cleaner Yard

At Scoopie Poopies, we value transparency and open communication with our clients. When you fill out our estimate form, we encourage honesty to ensure the best service experience for you and your furry companions.

1. Yard Scooping Frequency

If it has been six months since your yard was last scooped, please provide this information accurately. We understand that life gets busy, and pet waste management might slip our minds. By knowing the actual duration, we can tailor our services effectively. Whether it’s a few months or half a year, honesty ensures accurate planning.

2. Beyond the Backyard

Is it more than just the backyard that needs cleaning? Let us know! Whether it’s a side yard, front lawn, or communal spaces, accurate details help us allocate resources appropriately. We want to keep every corner of your property pristine.

3. The First Scoop

We’re committed to providing exceptional service from the start. The first scoop will require extra attention, especially if there’s accumulated waste. While it might be costlier. We’ll always provide an estimate for both the initial cleanup and ongoing maintenance. Our goal is to create a clean slate for your yard.

4. Large Yards

Have a spacious yard? No problem! Large yards require additional time and effort, and we appreciate knowing the size upfront. This ensures that our team is adequately prepared to tackle the task efficiently.

5. Google Maps and Beyond

We utilize tools like Google Maps to gather information about your property. However, we recognize that technology isn’t foolproof. If Google Maps falls short, your accurate input becomes even more crucial. Feel free to provide any additional context or landmarks to guide us.

Remember, your honesty directly impacts the quality of our service. Let’s work together to keep your yard clean, your pets happy, and our community thriving.